HFO Free Arctic

Clean Arctic Alliance Comment on High Sulphur Fuel Ban Agreement

The Clean Arctic Alliance welcomes the 2020 sulphur ban, which should drive a switch away from the use of heavy fuel oil (HFO) towards lighter alternatives  – and result in less black carbon released in the Arctic environment”, said Prior. “However, while the sulphur cap will reduce the amount of heavy fuel oil being used anywhere – including in the Arctic – it will not eliminate it completely

Let's get Heavy Fuel Oil out of the Arctic

Clean Arctic Alliance Response to EU Parliament Ocean Governance Vote

The Clean Arctic Alliance welcomes the adoption of the European Parliament Resolution on international ocean governance, and in particular its commitment towards ending the use of heavy fuel oil and its carriage in fuel tanks in Arctic shipping. The EU parliament’s position is further evidence that heavy fuel oil use in the Arctic is no longer acceptable – its presence in the Antarctic has been prohibited for some years, and last year the International Maritime Organization began moves towards its phase out. It is now imperative that the risks associated with burning HFO and carrying HFO fuel are eliminated in the Arctic

Let's get Heavy Fuel Oil out of the Arctic

Our Ocean: Arctic Commitment Seeks Partners on Heavy Fuel Oil Ban

The Our Ocean conference in Malta was the venue for the launch of an an international initiative to end use of heavy fuel oil (HFO) by Arctic shipping. On Friday, October 6th as one of the ambitious commitments made during the conference, the Our Ocean Arctic Commitment aims to expand collaboration between the cruise industry, environmental NGOs and indigenous communities, in order to protect the Arctic environment, its wildlife and its peoples.